Become our Business lead generator

As a core digital brand marketing firm, SwiftPropel is looking to add expert business developers to its current team.

(You can also do your regular jobs and work part time with us)

Job details

For Digital Marketing projects, our main focus is on SEO and Social Media Marketing tasks for our clients. So, you must have good experience in getting new clients for these services.

Work Parameters

  • We have been working with clients from US, UK, Canada and Australia since beginning. So, they will be our top priority. You must have good experience generating leads from these countries.
  • If you have got good local network in India, you can get us local clients too.
  • You can choose any methods like Upwork, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. for bringing new clients.
  • Clients that will come via Upwork will be billed on the same platform. And, Clients brought from other sources will be billed via paypal.
  • In the initial phase you will be required to only generate Leads. Once a lead will be generated, we will handle the remaining process of turning the lead into customer.
  • For lead generation, you can utilize our Brand Assets.
  • Since, every bid on Upwork costs money, so you should have strong experience of using them wisely.
  • For US and Canadian Clients, you will be required to work between Monday to Friday. The ideal time would be between 12 AM to 6 AM. (IST)


  • Be Active in Communication. Respond frequently.
  • We usually interact via mail and Skype. For small issues, we use Whatsapp. In urgent cases, which demand discussions, we talk to each other.


  • Your Monthly Job Payment will be transferred to your Bank Account on 7th of every month.

As a team, we always brainstorm to deliver only the best to our clients. So, we will appreciate new ideas and suggestions from your end during the course of Projects. Our vision is to take online branding to a new level. 

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