Digital Marketing Training in Mohali Chandigarh (Live Projects)

 20,000.00  15,000.00

Although, you will learn a lot about Digital Marketing through our Online Course but if you still wish to work on live International projects with us, then this opportunity is for you!

You can visit our office and work with our team, as an Intern for 6 weeks.

You will get a chance to work alongside our team of experts. Clear all your doubts right-away!

This will boost your confidence for moving ahead in this Industry.


Offer: You’ll get Hard Copy of Certificate (worth INR 1500) free with this Internship Program.




Digital Marketing Training in Mohali Chandigarh

Work with our Expert team as an Intern for 6 weeks and Boost your confidence!

+Get Certified!


Training details:

Duration (in hours): 90 Hours

Duration (in days): 6 weeks or 45 days  (Mon to Fri)

Timings: There will be 3 hours class daily. You can choose one slot from these [ 9AM to 12PM, 12PM to 3PM, 3PM to 6PM]

Centre location: Office 9, Plot E55, Phase 8, Industrial Area (near CDAC), Punjab

  WhatsApp Helpline +91-8010-046-046



Topics covered:

Digital Marketing Overview

  • Digital Marketing and its Benefits
  • How Digital Marketing is changing the market scenario
  • Growth of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Process
  • Digital Marketing Pizza
  • Digital Marketing Goals
  • How to Gauge Success of a Digital Campaign?
  • Digital marketing Success Case Studies
  • Perks of Being Digital Marketer
  • How to start your Career in Digital Marketing?
  • Scope of Digital Marketing as a Careers Choice
  • Common Doubts related to Digital Marketing
  • Secret to Become Successful Digital Marketer

How to create awesome Websites?

  • The Story of Internet and Web
  • Understanding World Wide Web in detail
  • Types Of websites
  • How to create your first Website?
  • Web Designing and Development Overview
  • Basics of HTML
  • Basics of Web CMS
  • Basics of WordPress Platform
  • Practice Sessions


Search Engine Optimization

  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Understanding Web Traffic
  • Understanding SEO process in detail
  • The Science of Link Building
  • Understanding the role of Keywords
  • How to Create SEO Strategy for any Business?
  • Exploring the Dark side of SEO
  • Understanding Search Engine’s Quality Guidelines
  • Concept of Link Juice Flow
  • SEO Success Factors – A Closer View
  • How to Run a Successful SEO Campaign
  • Understanding Competitor analysis Process
  • How to do Keyword Research
  • Website SEO audit Checklist
  • How to start a Link Building Campaign
  • Link Building Tactics
  • Essential SEO Tools and Softwares
  • Practice Session


Becoming Google analytics Master

  • Understanding the role of analysis
  • How Google Analytics work?
  • Major Components of Google Analytics
  • Understanding Customer Purchase Funnel
  • Macro and Micro Conversions
  • Understanding Attribution
  • How to Reduce Bounce Rate?
  • Understanding Account Structure
  • How to collect data from Google analytics Efficiently
  • An insight into goals, filters and funnels
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • How to implement Campaign tagging
  • Creating Transparent Google Analytics Reports
  • Practice Session


Creating and Handling Ad Campaigns

  • Understanding the rise of Digital Advertising
  • Knowing about different Ad Platforms
  • Different Ad Campaign Measurement Metrics
  • How to Get Google Adwords Certified
  • How does Google Adwords works?
  • Understanding Google Network
  • What are the different Ad formats?
  • Creating Effective Text Ads
  • Enhancing Ads with Extensions
  • How to choose the Best Campaign Type?
  • The Art of Organizing Campaigns
  • Reaching Customers with targeting
  • How to make your customers find you?
  • How to win Prominent Ad placement?
  • Improving Landing Page Experience
  • Ad Formats and Ad Extensions
  • An insight into Ad Auctions
  • The Science of Bidding
  • Determining a good bidding strategy
  • Manual and Automated Bidding
  • How to Adjust Bids
  • Aligning your budget with your goals
  • Using data to improve Campaign Results
  • Improving Campaigns with Experiments
  • Understanding Search Advertisement in detail
  • How to Implement Remarketing?
  • Understanding Display Advertisement in detail
  • Practice Sessions


Email Marketing 

  • Intro to Email Marketing
  • Importance in Customer Lifecycle
  • Understanding Mailing Lists and List segmentation
  • Strategies to grow mailing lists
  • Knowing about Email Marketing Restrictions
  • How to avoid spamming and hit the Inbox
  • Secrets to Improve Click Through Rates
  • A/B Testing Process
  • Preventing High Bounce Rates
  • Preventing High Unsubscribe Rates
  • Practice Sessions


Content Marketing

  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing in the Customer Journey
  • The Content Process
  • Planning Remarkable Content
  • How to Choose the Content format?
  • How to Choose Content topic?
  • Distributing Remarkable Content
  • Practice Sessions


Mastering Facebook Ads

  • Understanding Evolution of Facebook
  • Objectives for Facebook Advertisement
  • Different Facebook Ad formats
  • Budget, Scheduling and Bidding
  • Introduction to Audience Network
  • Effective Ads Creation
  • App Install and Engagement Campaigns
  • A/B Testing
  • Recipe for Success
  • Ad Auction Process
  • Pricing and Budget Pacing
  • Ad Relevance Score
  • Ad Policies for Content
  • Running a test Ad Campaign


Hacking Lead Generation

  • Introduction to Lead Generation Process
  • Components of Lead Generation
  • Secrets to create Effective Landing Pages
  • Tips for creating Thank You Pages
  • A/B Testing Process


Affiliate Marketing

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Become a Merchant?
  • How to become a successful Affiliate Marketer?





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