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Reporting Schedule Process

Every Client who hires us, wants to get the best results. Also, since we represent our clients virtually while promoting their business, so we need to act on their behalf in the best possible manner. But, due to lack of physical interaction as well as constant communication, sometimes, we are not able to match your exact requirements. So, In order to increase your participation and to improvise the quality of our work, we adopt a little different reporting schedule.

The sole purpose of this process is to ensure that the content that is posted on your behalf, must be reviewed by you first. Every week along with Project Status Mail, We add a new column for "Content to be reviewed by you". Under this heading, we include all major types of content like videos, pdfs, ppt, documents etc. that needs to be reviewed by you.  If you have got any suggestions for improvements, then please do let us know till Wednesday. In case, we do not get any response from your end till Wednesday, then by default, we will consider it to be approved by you. And, we will start posting the content as per plan. So, we request your cooperation in this task.

This change in our work practices, not only increases your participation and satisfaction, but also helps us to deliver you the best results. In case of any doubts, feel free to contact us.

Manual Hours

If you are working through Upwork, then please allow us to add manual hours too. Although we will rely on running the tracker but in certain situations it becomes necessary to add manual hours for work compensation. 

  1. Manual time is often used for billing for work done offline or that might not be recorded properly by the app—phone calls, non-electronic research, paper-based sketching, large file transfers, graphics rendering, etc.
  2. A freelancer can take more hours for the same activity but our experience has made us capable to complete the tasks in less hours.
    Less Hours = Fast work
    Less Hours is not equal to low wage. 
    Thats why we implement manual hours to compensate for our services. 


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